Rapport Choir – Rainbow After The Storm

Rapport Choir – Rainbow After The Storm

Rapport Choir – Rainbow After The Storm 600 463 Sam Smith

Mental wellbeing has been one of the important themes for Rapport this year and the focus on the mental health and wellbeing of our Ambassadors has been key during the pandemic.


As part of our wider programme, we decided to form our own Rapport Choir back in November 2019. This was led by Emily Abbam, our Learning and Engagement Business Partner and has seen Ambassadors from across our portfolio taking part.


Going into lockdown has not stopped the Rapport Choir! Since July, they have continued to meet up virtually and socially distanced when they could, working behind the scenes to write their very own song entitled The Rainbow After the Storm.  

The recent events worldwide brought the choir ever closer together and inspired them to write lyrics to spread positivity while we all live in unprecedented times. Music and singing are such a powerful way to spread joy and hope to so many, so they saw this as an opportunity to make something truly special and help to uplift all those that listened.


“Shining a light, finding a ray, keeping a smile and then, chasing those blues away.”


This is what the song symbolises – our teams continuing to keep positive, finding that ray and being that shining light.


A special thank you to all the choir that wrote, arranged and performed the song: Emily Abbam, Chris Moran, Chris Kkoshi, Simone Travali, Lilian Mace-Bormans, Adele Cortese, Sam Hunt, Diana Romanova, Jay Romanovska and Bogdan Nedelcu – to Chris Moran who produced, engineered and edited the final video – to Simone Travali who played the guitar and to Julian Benitez Vasile who created the choir illustration.