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Meet Our Denmark Team


Teresa Pallesen
Guest Experience Manager and Country Lead, Rapport Denmark

Teresa has been immersed in hospitality for her entire career, starting as a dishwasher then rising to head of operations for several large restaurant and event groups. With a background in service and hospitality management, she is also a trained sommelier. Over 15 years, Teresa gained extensive management experience, mastering guest experience and facility management.

Teresa prioritises honesty and psychological safety in her approach, aiming to create a supportive environment for her team. With her blend of passion and expertise, she leaves a lasting impact on the hospitality industry, shaping memorable experiences for both customers and colleagues.

Teresa’s culinary passion extends beyond the professional realm. At home, she indulges in her love for food and wine with not one, but two wine fridges. You will also find in her kitchen drawer a handy meat slicer, ready for gourmet delights.