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Our Clients Feel Unique

Why Choose Rapport?

Brilliant Ambassadors for Your company

Our people are brilliant and highly engaged. We call them ambassadors because that’s what they are for your company. They provide a highly personal and intuitive services for you, your clients, colleagues, and guests. The service they provide is tailored to your needs and embraces your culture.
Meet some of our ambassadors

Innovative & Forward-Thinking

We adapt to the ever-evolving work culture. We embrace the latest technologies and concepts to create a cutting-edge office experience, making the employee and guest journey seamless and invigorating. Our dedication to progress ensures that we are always industry-leading across the globe.

Seamless TUPE Transfer

Changing service providers can be unsettling, especially when out-sourcing for the first time. So during mobilisation, we engage deeply with everyone involved, communicating clearly and frequently to guarantee a seamless and successful TUPE transfer of your staff.

Absences Are Always Covered

We employ a dedicated in-house team that provides fully trained and vetted cover for any planned and unplanned staff absences. This saves you time, unnecessary stress and sleepless nights. Unlike others, we never use agency staff as a first line of support, as this can put the quality of service at risk.

Specialist Learning & Development

We love to develop our ambassadors and offer them rewarding career pathways. We have over 60 L&D programmes available to help support our ambassadors to hone their skills for their roles today or indeed prepare them for their next role and future career.

Unrivalled Guest Experiences

Our award-winning Guest Impressions programme allows us to design a guest and employee journey that is bespoke to your operation, promoting continuous service improvements.

Our Culture is Distinctly Different

Group of Rapport ambassadors.

Work with people who care

Ultimately the difference between Rapport and other companies is down to our people and our culture, which is why we love working here. We support each other, value kindness and care for one another, fostering an environment where we are empowered to do better every day.

Rapport ambassador helping a woman through a barrier

Action over words

We say what we do, and importantly, we do what we say. Our relationships with our clients are ones based on trust. Our clients trust us because we perform, we innovate, and we deliver.
Rapport ambassador helping a colleague with presentation.

Our ambassadors represent you

They’re seamlessly integrated into your operations because we train them to adopt your culture and values whilst keeping true to ours. We’re told this rare ability is a key reason why we work so well together.

Two Rapport ambassadors discussing mental health issue

Serious about mental health

We all are well cared for because Rapport takes a holistic approach to our personal development and wellbeing. Our people are therefore more resilient and create better connections. Our dedicated Mental Health First Aiders provide support and guidance for us, as well as our clients.

Rapport award-winning People Team in a meeting

Learning & Development from an award-winning People Team

To encourage our ambassadors to stay with us for the long-term, each of them has a unique career pathway based on our Learning & Development programme, and designed specifically for each of your offices. Existing clients acknowledge that this as another key reason why our relationships are so valuable and enduring.

Rewarded & applauded for excellent service

Those that work for us share our passion for providing excellent service and are provided with the tools to excel. We love to recognise our teams that go above and beyond for you at our quarterly WOW! Award events and at our annual Rapport Excellence Awards.

Rapport Excellence Awards

Memorable Experiences Make You Stand Out

Build and sustain valuable relationships

Providing a memorable experience is the most powerful way to stand out. We work with our clients to ensure their colleagues and guests experience a welcome that’s distinct and tailored to their unique needs.

An Inclusive Welcome For All

Being acutely aware of differing abilities, our special workshops give us the tools to create effortless experiences. It comes naturally to us, as we’ve created a diverse and inclusive place to work, where everyone is comfortable being themselves.

Striving for Continuous Improvement

New ideas to keep you one step ahead

We’re brimming with ideas. From improving your service experiences, engaging new employees and motivating your existing teams, to introducing new training and development programmes. Even sharing our Business Excellence Model.

Enthusiastic, multi-taskers in every role

As the workplace continues to evolve, we create new roles to support new ways of working to overcome your challenges. You’ll appreciate our positivity and enthusiasm on top of our multi-tasking skills.

Enjoy excellent communications

Our ambassadors are keen to be involved in activities outside their core duties. Your tasks will be completed on time and with excellent two-way communication. Our ambassadors will enjoy the variety and take satisfaction from their additional contributions.

Agile and flexible working

The traditional eight-hour working day is no more. You’ll love our flexible approach, so we can work shorter days when business levels are low and work extended hours during peak periods.

Look forward to a sustainable future

Having launched our own internal sustainability network, we put the environment at the heart of everything we do. Providing practical initiatives and best practice to support your sustainability agenda too.

Creating Desirable Workplaces

Encourage your people and clients to spend more time with you

We continue to enhance our clients’ workspaces through our community-building, culture enhancing services.

All Our Services are Bespoke

Each one of them specifically for your company, your individual offices, floors, suites and for you.

Our team of professional receptionists ensures a warm and welcoming experience for visitors.

We provide dedicated hosts to assist with visitor arrivals, check-ins, and guidance.

From planning to execution, we offer end-to-end event management services, including venue selection, logistics, and on-site support.

We oversee meeting room bookings, set-ups, and technical support to ensure seamless meetings and events.

Our floor hosts offer assistance to occupants, ensuring a comfortable and productive work environment.

We manage telephone enquiries and routing to provide efficient communication.

Our helpdesk team is available to address client and visitor enquiries promptly.

We employ advanced visitor management systems to enhance security and streamline check-in processes.

Our event planners work closely with clients to design and execute successful events, from corporate meetings to large-scale conferences.

We offer comprehensive AV support services, including setup, troubleshooting, and coordination with external AV equipment providers.

We offer training programs to elevate the service delivery of our team members, ensuring exceptional guest experiences.

We tailor our services to meet the unique requirements of each client, ensuring flexibility and personalised support. 

We oversee flexible workspace arrangements and promote a sense of community amongst occupants.

Rapport in Numbers

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