Rapport Ambassador’s ‘Lead The Way’ in 2021

Rapport Ambassador’s ‘Lead The Way’ in 2021

Rapport Ambassador’s ‘Lead The Way’ in 2021 2000 1500 Sam Smith

Every year the Lead The Way participants seems to get even better, and this year was no exception.

What is Lead The Way?

Lead The Way was launched in 2016 as a bespoke development programme for our supervisors and team leaders. It is designed to develop their skills and includes helpful tools that can be embedded immediately into their role as a leader to enhance their own and their team’s performance.

We created this bespoke programme to help our Ambassadors become inspirational leaders of the future. The course is designed to develop the distinct competencies, skills and behaviours required for leaders within the Rapport business but which can be applied in any leadership or management position.

The programme content is perfectly aligned with Rapport’s vision, values and team objectives. We know that developing skills that truly engage and inspire our teams, enhances their performance and ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of service.


Sandra, a Lead The Way graduate said:

“My biggest challenge was to find my courage by stepping out of my comfort zone and do public speaking.”

Sandra learnt to believe in herself and was promoted along the way to a senior position!

What did our Lead The Way cohort get up to…

The participants embarked on their journey in March and spent five months learning together, sharing, recommending, connecting, and supporting each other. This time, the course modules were delivered virtually. Each course module is closely aligned to every individuals’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), their goals and our clients’ contractual expectations. Effective leadership requires a broad range of skills, all of which are covered in the bespoke course with different activities and challenges.

The participants work on modules around active listening and communication skills, to relationship building and the art of influencing. Public speaking and how to create a positive working environment all lead to the final module, ‘Steps to Success’.

The Learning & Development team had two Lead The Way cohorts running at the same time. This meant that we could put in place a ‘buddy’ system, where someone from each group buddies up with someone from the other group,  to share ideas and thoughts and provide further support. We also had mentors who were assigned two mentees.

The Lead The Way programme was updated this year to include the module Adapt and Evolve, in response to our changing work environments. The course was designed to focus on the changing needs of our guests and our teams, how we can accommodate them, as well as creating our own resilience plan.

At the end of their Lead The Way course, the participants gave a final presentation to share their journey and what they had learnt along the way. Needless to say, everyone at Rapport were very impressed by these presentations.




“I joined this program since my main goal was to grow as a leader within Rapport … I could talk for hours about every single module and how much knowledge I’ve gained from them. But now, looking backwards, I realise that it’s not about how much I learnt from the modules, but rather how much I learnt about myself from the modules, and how can I apply that to my relationships with others.

That’s why I am sure that everyone who has ever joined the programme will agree that Lead The Way is like a personal journey; where by the end of it not only will make you a better leader, but also a better person.”

Ivan – Lead The Way graduate