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One of my guests was unhappy on her birthday... She was unable to buy a concert ticket for Adele... I made her day... Read the full story here...

One of my guests was unhappy on her birthday... she was unable to buy a concert ticket for Adele... I was able to make her birthday... Read the full story here...

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I’m still as excited by being a part of the Rapport team now as the day I started, and this is something you’ll find across our company. It highlights our wonderful spirit and morale. This is certainly the first place I’ve worked where everyone is truly valued.

“It's a fun and vibrant company with a wonderful mix of people, where we're all treated equally, regardless of background, gender or race. We’re all encouraged to be the very best we can be and also supported by our highly knowledgable and professional senior management team – all with five-star hotel experience.

“I love the fact there's no glass ceiling here – everyone gets an equal chance to shine. You feel part of the Rapport family, and we’re always looking for exceptional people to join us.

“See what it means to be part of Rapport. We’d love to hear from you if you think you’ve got what it takes to become one of our ambassadors.”

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Each year all Rapport Wow! Award winners are invited to share their inspiring stories at a party in the stunning champagne bar on the top floor of Tower 42 overlooking the City of London.

I made her birthday

One of my regular guests complained that she'd been unable to buy a couple of tickets for the latest Adele concert on the evening of her birthday. They'd all sold out quickly and she did not want to use a tout.

One quick call to our concierge secured two tickets in a box with unrestricted views for the performance plus a back stage pass!

She was so surprised and delighted that I sourced the tickets so quickly. Our concierges can always find money-can’t buy opportunities for the best shows, live music and sporting events. It was also great to make her day.


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Tell us and we'll fit around your schedule. Because apart from an outstanding training and development programme, our success relies on finding the right people to join our Rapport family to grow and further improve our team.

In our tireless search, we meet lots of individuals. The most interesting have unusual or quirky backgrounds combined with great personalities. They're all different but what they all love is being in the spotlight.

After all, to provide outstanding guest services, we need outstanding people with fantastic personalities ready to shine.

Tell us when, where and what time you can chat and we will set it up.



What’s your perfect way to get to know us at Rapport

Are you passionate about providing the best possible service?

Are you passionate about providing the best possible service?


Do you love people? Are you hungry to learn and to develop your knowledge, skills and experience in a highly rewarding permanent role where you'll be truly valued? Then you could be the next member of our Rapport family.

Introduce yourself by sending us your latest CV. We’ll acknowledge receipt and be in touch.


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  • What type of company is Rapport? Is it a recruitment agency?

    We're a boutique provider of front and back of house guest services to blue chip companies. Our people are all on full or part time permanent contracts. We're not a recruitment agency and do not offer temporary contracts because we like you to develop your career with us over the longer term.

  • What training will you receive?

    Rapport invests in all of its ambassadors all of the time. It starts with a warm welcome to our business, followed by an individual training and development programme from our in-house academy. You'll be encouraged to become the very best you can be throughout your career here, and will be provided with the skills to step into your next big role.

  • What rewards can you expect?

    Everyone feels that they're really valued here at Rapport. The company has a way of bringing out the very best in all of us, by acknowledging the great things we achieve and recognising and rewarding outstanding service with three company-wide award programmes. Of course the salary is very good with great benefits too. And a small thing – they never forget to send birthday cards!

  • Do you yearn for more from your career?

    Give your career a boost - there’s no limit to what you can achieve with us. As a fast growing company there’s always something happening - with new opportunities for more responsibility or even a move into a leadership role.

    We realise that to be successful we need to find people who have the potential to be really outstanding. You’ll be inspired, coached and supported as far as you want to go. We really don’t believe in glass ceilings.

  • Why should you work for Rapport?

    Because it’s an award winning company and is leading our industry. This is also the first place I’ve worked where everyone is respected as individuals. It feels like a family where everyone supports each other. I have a voice and feel listened to. We all share ideas and learn from each other on our staff engagement portal, MyRapport.

    This makes you feel like part of something really exciting. We also get together frequently to talk, share ideas and come up with new ways of working and communicating. There’s a real buzz around here. Rapport believes in me, they make me feel special and they empower me to do whatever it takes to make a difference to our clients and their guests.

    This is powerful stuff and very liberating. Perhaps, more importantly, it provides me with a rewarding career. By joining us you’ll achieve great things. You’ll add valuable currency to your CV, demonstrating a successful career and helping us to build the very best guest services company in our market.

  • What type of people work for Rapport?

    We pride ourselves on having lots of different people from a diverse range of backgrounds, as we love to learn from each other. We specifically look out for people who are passionate about providing outstanding service and who are never happy with second best. We’ll provide you with all the support and skills you need to become a star.

  • What is the future like for the industry?

    More and more of our clients are outsourcing their front of house guest services as a way of improving the experience. An increasing number of them realise they need to work with professionals rather than do it themselves. This is why we're growing so successfully – and if you join us then you can expect to have a rewarding career in a market leading company within an industry that has plenty of potential.

  • How is Rapport different from competitors?

    Our people are the key to what makes Rapport more successful than our competitors. But having exceptional people is one thing, it's the way we'll work as a team and support each other that really separates us from our peer group. You can really see and feel the difference.

  • What can you expect from Rapport?

    We're unlike any other company and all of us are inspired to great heights, not only by our senior management team who all have five star hotel backgrounds, but by the award wining service of our fellow ambassadors. They continually astound me with their ingenuity and resourcefulness, often in challenging circumstances.

  • Will you need to wear a uniform?

    Yes, you'll be provided with a uniform, and it is essential you wear this with pride – you'll be representing our client with their specific culture and values. As you'd expect, our clients in the advertising and media sectors are less formal than the financial services sector.

  • Why should you join?

    If you want a rewarding career in a fast growing, market leading team that’s winning awards - get in touch.

  • Have a question? Find out more.

    Please get in touch and feel free to ask us whatever you want.


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