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My guest profile system tells me the next visitor is deaf... I use sign language to welcome them... Read the full story here...

My guest profile system tells me the next visitor is deaf...
I use sign language to welcome them...
Read the full story here...

Ruta, Rapport Ambassador

A boutique provider of award winning guest services

We pride ourselves on anticipating your guests’ every need, whilst tailoring our service to your culture and values.

For us, it’s all about attending to the smallest details. Right down to the cut of the fabric or coloured thread on our bespoke uniforms.

We’ve developed a unique system that contains your guests’ personal preferences so we’re ready for their next visit. Just one of the many reasons we’re trusted by a growing number of international companies across the UK, US and Asia.



Rapport is a boutique provider of award winning guest services
Rapport staff using sign language

Using sign language

5% of the world’s population have hearing loss. Our aim is to provide a better experience for them, as it’s too easy to overlook this form of disability.

Our ambassadors are given basic sign language training and we've upgraded induction loops in meeting rooms and arranged a mobile system for other areas.

Not all hearing impaired people can lip-read and a pen and paper are now always at hand.


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Our bespoke service is perfect

Our bespoke service at Rapport is perfect


It all begins by getting to know you.

We discuss your needs in detail, mapping out every possible guest scenario, before drawing up key recommendations and working closely with you to define what exceptional service looks and feels like for you and your company.

Our ambassadors are carefully selected and trained to match your specific requirements – including language skills. We also monitor performance to help everyone continually learn and improve.


All together we speak 60 different languages

See what our diverse team say is the best thing about working for Rapport


Each year all Rapport Wow! Award winners are invited to share their inspiring stories at a party in the stunning champagne bar on the top floor of Tower 42 overlooking the City of London.

Three steps to improve your guests’ experience

Audit and advisory services

We can audit your existing reception and guest services offer, which will provide us with the insights to make improvement recommendations for you and your team.

Training courses

Following our audit and recommendations, we’ll help you define the ideal service experience for your clients and guests and identify the gap between where you are now.


Then we’ll provide your people with individual training and development programmes to close the gap by regularly monitoring their performance against our industry leading benchmarks for service experience.
All this without you having to commit to a long term contract with us.

Fully managed services

We’ll quickly transform your existing staff into a high performance team – and you can take all the credit. We will motivate and inspire them to provide outstanding service, whilst you can focus on other priorities.

Never again worry about arranging cover for absences. We will take care of them all. No more hassle trying to recruit the very best people. We will do that too, and turn them into loyal, long standing members of your team.

Our full time salaried employees provide
the following services to our clients

Reception Services

Event Management

Meeting Room Management and First-fix AV Support

Room Booking and Helpdesk/Facilities Support

Switchboard and Call Services

24 Hour Concierge Service (visit website)

Our bespoke guest profile system helps us to offer a consistently excellent experience

Our bespoke guest profile system helps us to offer a consistently excellent experience


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Lost engagement ring

One of our VIP clients arrived in a fluster. She was late for her meeting and had just lost her engagement ring in her hotel. While escorting her to her meeting, I assured her I would call the hotel on her behalf.

After speaking to several people, I managed to track down the ring and went to the hotel to collect it. Returning the precious item was such a good feeling – and our client was so grateful.

Positive, progressive and fun

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