The Rapport ‘Lead the Way’ programme goes from strength to strength

The Rapport ‘Lead the Way’ programme goes from strength to strength

The Rapport ‘Lead the Way’ programme goes from strength to strength 1700 1216 admin

Become an inspirational and highly effective leader with Rapport

Our training academy is the major way that we invest in everyone who works for Rapport, by providing them with personal and professional development and many opportunities to gain extra qualifications.

With a specific focus on our supervisors and team leaders in 2016, we launched a bespoke development programme called ‘Lead the Way’. It is designed to develop their skills and includes helpful tools that can be embedded immediately into their management role to enhance their own and their teams’ performance.

Apply what is learnt right away in the workplace

This ’just-in-time’ approach to training and development ensures that all attendees get the most from the experience because they work on ‘real life’ scenarios within the programme. Their performance is continuously evaluated and then they apply what they have learnt during the training in their workplace right away.

Taking the first step on the Lead the Way programme

We want people to become inspirational leaders of the future.

We created this bespoke programme to develop the distinct competencies, skills and behaviours required for leaders within the Rapport business but can be applied in any leadership or management position.

The programme content is perfectly aligned with Rapport’s vision, values and team objectives. Because we know that developing skills that truly engage and inspire teams enhances their performance and ensures that our clients receive the highest standards of service.

Navigating the eleven modules over four months

With eleven modules spread over four months, attendees meet every two weeks to share best practice, discuss challenging scenarios and take part in activities, all aimed at developing team-leading soft skills.

A past graduate of the programme is matched up with each attendee to act as a ‘buddy’ to mentor and challenge their progress. Working together is key to exceptional team performance at Rapport and everyone collaborates on projects. This means the experience in the programme is directly relevant to their working environment.

Closely aligned to every individuals’ goals

Each course module is closely aligned to every individuals’ Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), their goals and also support our clients’ contractual expectations. Effective leadership requires a broad range of skills, all of which are covered in the bespoke course, with different activities and challenges.

From active listening and communication skills to relationship building and the art of influencing. Public speaking and how to create a positive working environment all lead to the final module, ‘Steps to Success’.

The programme timing helps to make a lasting impact

Andreas Zenkovitch

Previous graduate, Andreas Zenkovitch shares his experience of the programme, “I was more of a doer than a planner and I developed some great writing tools and learnt how to identify and measure ‘smart objectives’. It was a challenging course but it came at the right time for me as I’ve been promoted twice since successfully completing it.”

By far the biggest challenge is the final presentation that each attendee creates about their own unique journey, the impact it has had on their leadership style and the next steps in their career development. Each person presents their story to fellow group members, managers, clients and even our inspirational Managing Director, Greg Mace.

Andreas recalls his apprehension prior to that big day, “Fortunately the programme really helped me with the preparation process and by utilising the tools it went really well in the end. I was a buddy on the next programme and able to give lots of tips for the final presentation.”

Celebrating success every November

Loredana Ganea

It’s an integral part of the Rapport culture to recognise and reward our people for going the extra mile and on completing the course, so all graduates are invited to attend the annual Rapport Graduation Ceremony each November.

Greg Mace awards certificates and many of our clients support our graduates by also attending.

Since the initial launch of the programme, our people have achieved outstanding results. Previous graduate, Loredana Ganea, joined on her third week into a new frontline position and first leadership role. The timing was perfect for Lori who says, “Being new to leadership, the programme gave me the tools to help me develop my team and I was able to immediately implement what I learnt into my daily work.’’

Attendees are more likely to be promoted to a new role

Within three months and still on the programme, Lori was promoted to a Senior Guest Services Coordinator at another Rapport client. Asked about some key learnings that helped her career progression, Lori said, “A really important element for me was learning how to adapt the same message to different people and sharing this with my team. I’ve been able to improve operations and create a positive work environment by helping my team communicate with each other better.”

Join this inspirational programme and take your career to the next level

This programme equips people in supervisory roles to manage their teams more effectively, enabling them to provide the highest level of award winning service in our industry. It also creates a talent pipeline for the most accomplished to become Rapport’s Inspirational Leaders of the future.