Supporting local charities – Rapport team at Refinitiv

Supporting local charities – Rapport team at Refinitiv

Supporting local charities – Rapport team at Refinitiv 1200 750 admin

“Behold, I do not give lectures or a little charity, when I give, I give myself”
– Walt Whitman

The Rapport Team at Refinitiv just did that.

Realising that money is not necessarily needed to help and support good causes, the team explored volunteering opportunities in and around London. Once they had shortlisted five activities in the capital they could take part in, the team then voted for two that were close to their hearts: to help the elderly in the city by donating unwanted clothes and goods to AgeUK and to revitalise and clean waterways together with Canal & River Trust, as a part of environmental initiatives around Canary Wharf, where the team are based.

One would think that organising a clothes collection is not a big deal, but if you want to involve a considerable number of people including clients, there is a lot of planning to do. Firstly, the team designed posters, then sought approvals from the client to display these at the receptions in both head office buildings. Part of the project was also to establish a close relationship with Refinitiv’s Social Committee, who supported our initiatives and informed employees about the activity internally. The kick off was organised to coincide with the start of National Customer Service Week and the team managed to collect 8 industrial bin bags of clothes, shoes and other items. The donations were stored in the staff room, until being collected by AgeUK at the end of the week.

The second challenge was to look at how we can help our environment. Although Canary Wharf is a managed development, it does not include the waterways which are maintained by the Canal & River Trust with very limited resources.

What a good opportunity this was to give something back and help with cleaning the canals and waterways. Rapport offers every team member one day a year to volunteer in charity initiatives and soon enough a team of eager volunteers had formed to support the clean-up day.

Our manager Jarkko explains:

“The waterways cleaning took place on the 25th September and the participants lined up in wellies, waterproof jackets and warm clothes to tackle the dripping rain. Once everyone was ready, we first had a 15 minutes’ walk as a warm-up exercise and headed to the south part of the Wharf, where we met the organisers and other volunteers. After a short Health & Safety briefing and obtaining gloves, litter-pickers and buckets, we were taken to the docks where, much to our surprise, we jumped in motorboats and started our journey on the waterways. After a day of fun, hard physical work and some rain, the team proudly inspected all the litter they had picked, over 10 black bin bags of rubbish, which was then processed and taken away.”

Many thanks to all our team at Refinitiv for these excellent initiatives.