Rapport annual Wow! Awards party celebrates 140 winners and 4,000 nominations

Rapport annual Wow! Awards party celebrates 140 winners and 4,000 nominations

Rapport annual Wow! Awards party celebrates 140 winners and 4,000 nominations 2000 1012 admin

Each year Rapport celebrates our Wow! Award winners from the last 12 months. The party this year was held at the UK Head Quarters of one of our clients, with drinks and canapés served on the stunning living roof terrace, with views over the iconic City of London skyline.

Inspirational stories worth sharing

Greg Mace, Managing Director of Rapport welcomed everyone before recounting a few of the Wow! Award winning stories from the last couple of months and pointing out that all 140 from the past year were displayed on the walls of the room for everyone to see. Each one of them creating a memorable experience and inspiring other Rapport Ambassadors to achieve the same.

He then explained, “the purpose of this evening is to recognise and to celebrate with all of our Wow! Award winners and it is wonderful to see so many clients and managers here in support of them”.

4,000 Wow! Award nominations received

The creator and CEO of the Wow! Awards, Derek Williams, said during his speech that, “these awards are a perfect way of independently capturing and recording the way that Rapport Ambassadors delight their guests. Nominations can be made by anyone who has received outstanding service, including clients, guests or colleagues and are judged by the Wow! Awards team before an award is made.

On behalf of Rapport, Luke Josef Francois accepted a certificate and a bottle of champagne from Derek for the 4,000th Wow! Award nomination of a Rapport Ambassador.

Everyone wants outstanding service

Rapport client and Head of Client Services at Addleshaw Goddard, Ian Pigeon added his perspective by saying, “I’m often asked how to make teams better at providing customer service”. The first step is to be able to see what ‘better’ looks like, which means recognising it when it happens. The second step, is openly sharing these great stories. The third and final step is to say ‘thank you’ to the people doing the right thing when they do it. The big difference is that most companies do not do this and so Rapport is a notable exception”

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Making everyone feel special

We chatted to several of the Wow! Award winners including, Mady Digwara who summed up how they all felt by saying, “the fact that I’m here tonight shows that Rapport recognises what I do, which makes me feel great and part of a much larger and successful team. Not every business invests this much time in their employees and it’s an amazing way of showing appreciation for all our hard work. We all welcome a bit of attention and bringing everyone together like this makes us all feel really valued”.

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