A Collaboration Day Like No Other!

A Collaboration Day Like No Other!

A Collaboration Day Like No Other! 4773 3580 Sam Smith

Every year, our Rapport leadership team get together for Collaboration day with excitement for the next 12 months. This year was a little bit different…

What is Collaboration Day all about?

Collaboration Day for Rapport is a day that our leaders come together to further their leadership skills, improve upon our employee engagement, and to build upon our unique culture. We live by our brand values, especially “Stronger Together”, as we recognise that so much more can be achieved by working together as a team rather than individually. The goal of the day is for everyone to engage collaboratively with other leaders, to learn from each other, and develop ideas on how to better engage the rest of our colleagues or “Rapport Ambassadors”, as we call them.

The day is usually filled with business updates, strategy for the next year, and team building exercises. Collaboration Day 2021 was a day like no other and no one will forget it anytime soon!

The attendees were treated to a presentation from Rapport Founder, Greg Mace, who was attending his final Collaboration Day before saying a final goodbye to Rapport. He took the leaders on a journey through his entire career, going all the way back to when he was a boy working a very modest job. Amongst Greg’s many words of wisdom, we learnt what inspired him to start Rapport, how he did it, and drives him. Greg’s inspiring presentation was met with a very warranted standing ovation.

After hearing Greg’s words about finding your passion and how to motivate yourself, our Rapport leaders then met a very special man who gave another perspective on this. Motivational speaker, artist and published author, Henry Fraser, took the spotlight at Rapport’s Collaboration Day to share his emotional and powerful story of acceptance and overcoming unimaginable difficulties.


Some emotional farewells

After exhausting themselves chasing marbles all afternoon, everyone settled down for the final remarks before closing. The organising team had in fact put together some surprise farewell memories and parting gifts for Greg. Instead of a goodbye card, Greg was presented with a photo book that had memories and thoughtful messages, spanning a decade.

Words will never quite  express the impact that Greg has had on so many Rapporian’s lives, but the team did their best to express this with a statue of Prometheus, inscribed with:

To the man who gave us our fire. We’re forever grateful. ​

Your Rapport Team


Collaboration Day 2021 – an exceptional day

The 24th July 2021 was the first time in 18+ months that most of our team had seen each other in person. Whilst we pride ourselves on our resilience during 2020 and how well we stayed connected virtually, it was truly special to be able to spend time together in person.

The day started out with pastries, coffee and long overdue in-person mingling. After breakfast, the leadership team were presented with an unexpectedly light business update. All new attendees were properly welcomed, along with joiners from our “Lead The Way” team leader development program. The organising team decided that this year the business update and workshopping would be kept to a minimum to make room for what came next.


Working up a sweat

Instead of business strategy and skills building, this year our teams were treated to “Crystal Maze”. This was a series of challenges and tests that kept the teams busy for three hours!

Everyone was divided into 6 teams; all having a very specific team name that related to a story about Greg Mace. While some teams were guiding each other blindfolded through a “minefield”, and solving tests of numbers, other teams were racing against the clock through a “snake swamp” or sprinting around with pipes to try and guide marbles into a bucket.

After a very emotional and action filled day, all the attendees were met with yet another surprise!

West End performer and Drag Artist, Ella Vaday, gave a very upbeat and flamboyant performance, followed by a music quiz. This gave everyone a much-needed laugh and sparkle after such a passionate day.

All the attendees and Ella Vaday then spent time unwinding on the roof top, listening to the relaxed music from The Revue roaming band.