Celebrating our unsung heroes on National Telephonists’ Day 2020

Celebrating our unsung heroes on National Telephonists’ Day 2020

Celebrating our unsung heroes on National Telephonists’ Day 2020 1050 787 Sam Smith

Celebrating our unsung heroes on National Telephonists’ Day 2020

Every March we are proud to shine the light on professional telephone operators all over the UK.

National Telephonists’ Day is a day to recognise and appreciate the fantastic contribution professional telephonists make to organisations across all business sectors, promoting the important role that they do. They are often the first point of contact a client has with an organisation and so the telephonists have a huge responsibility to create the right first impression.

The seventh annual National Telephonists Day was celebrated on March 10 to mark the anniversary of the very first telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. This day was first launched back in 2014 by Rapport and ComXo, the UK’s leading providers of in-house and outsourced telephone services who employ a combined total of over 150 telephonists across the UK. Greg Mace, Founder and Managing Director of Rapport said:

“It was back in 2014 that we jointly founded this special day to celebrate all the brilliant switchboard operators and call services professionals. Now in its 7th year, NTD continues to go from strength to strength.”

As always, Rapport and ComXo teamed up to sponsor competitions and put together innovative activities and surprises to make the day bigger and better than ever. Rapport ran a Happy Desk Top Garden competition where everyone was invited to design their very own by either painting, drawing or collaging a creation. ComXo challenged everyone this year to create their own telephonist wellness kit. This year was very much focussed on wellbeing and it was magnificent to see all the brilliant entries come in for both competitions. Our Ambassadors certainly made it very difficult to decide on a winner!

The Rapport head office team all went to visit our telephonists on the big day, armed with gifts and treats. All our telephonists received wellbeing giftbags that included things like sleep spray, tea and a wellness book. Everyone really appreciated the time spent with the teams, learning more about each other and celebrating National Telephonists Day.

Pictured are L to R Greg Mace and Andrew Try, Managing Director of ComXo,  joint founders of National Telephonists’ Day