Be Kind Fundraising Event

Be Kind Fundraising Event

Be Kind Fundraising Event 1242 1299 Sam Smith

Rapport’s Night of Inspiring Change

On Friday 29th September, we embarked on an extraordinary journey at Rapport, coming together for our very first charity fundraising event. With our minds set on a target of £10,000, we embarked on a night of laughter, music, and unity in support of our valued charity partners: West Lea School, The Wildlife Trusts, and Down Syndrome Ireland.

The anticipation was electric as we readied ourselves for a sold-out evening, with 100 tickets snapped up by eager ambassadors, clients, and friends. Our mission: to raise funds that would directly impact the incredible programmes run by our charity partners.

During the month, we also had local fundraising efforts from our teams, with bake sales, murder mystery nights, bingo and quizzes galore to support the effort. We also hosted our very own online auction, with amazing items and talents donated all helping us on our way to our target – incredible!


”Be the change you want to see in the world” This quote is a perfect example of how our clients, partners from restaurant associates, suppliers and ambassadors all came together to achieve one goal. The silent auction not only showcased our ambassador skills but also how generous everyone was in donating time and money for a great cause.”

Jess Simmonds, Chair Be Kind Network



“Amidst the hustle and bustle, the Silent Action Initiative reminded us that real change happens when we come together. Clients, partners from Restaurant Associates, suppliers, and ambassadors, each contributed in their own way, showing that generosity knows no boundaries. It’s proof that when we unite for a common cause, our collective impact can be profound, creating a brighter future for all!

David Kuczik, Deputy Chair Be Kind Network

A massive thank you to Jess and David for leading our Be Kind Network and supporting to make our event a success!

Supporting Bright Futures

West Lea School holds a special place in our hearts. Their supported internship programme, designed for 16 – 24 year-olds with Special Educational Needs or an Education and Health Care Plan, has seen many of its students find opportunities within our contracts at Rapport. We’re privileged to play a role in nurturing these young talents and helping them shape their careers.

The kindness and generosity shown will help fund the ongoing development of their social enterprises that they deliver in partnership with our Learning for Life Charity. This will allow them to continue to teach valuable work and life skills to their students and Interns. West Lea currently offers Barista training, baking, printing, and retail through their two charity shops. The funds raised will allow them to continue to improve the quality of the student experience by providing new equipment, to increase their offer to customers, as well as allow them to begin working on their many plans sooner so that more pupils can benefit.

Down Syndrome Ireland is another beacon of hope. Their tireless efforts provide invaluable resources, information, and support to individuals with Down Syndrome and their families. Among their fantastic support services, they provide direct links with companies who are willing to offer work experience and employment to people with Down Syndrome. We are thrilled to have extended our support by placing an individual within one of our contracts in Dublin.

The funds raised will greatly impact Down Syndrome Ireland. They receive limited funding that is not guaranteed annually. They also have a very small team of 2 running an incredibly vital programme, with growing demand. The money will go directly to support their National Employment Programme and allow DSI’s Employment Team to recruit another staff member, to assist their members with Down syndrome to sustain long term employment and to support employers on their journey too. 

A World Thriving with Nature

The Wildlife Trusts are champions of the natural world, working tirelessly to create a thriving ecosystem where wildlife and natural habitats are integral in addressing the climate and ecological crises. Their vision resonates deeply with us, and we are proud to be part of their mission.

The money raised will support us to be able to offer hands-on volunteering opportunities for our ambassadors via their Wild Workdays. We also want to provide educational opportunities via Lunch and Learns in partnership with some of the trusts in London and our Regions. We very much look forward to organising this!

A Night of Laughter, Dance, Glitz and Glam

The evening itself was a celebration, adorned with beautiful decorations and brimming with positivity. Our incredible line-up of entertainers left no stone unturned in ensuring that our guests had a fantastic time. From the soulful melodies of SaxaPhoney Michael to the beats of DJ Johnny Be Good, from the glitz and glam brought by Drag Queen Aeliana Cortez to the humour of Comedian Patrick Spicer, every moment was filled with laughter and joy. Our heartfelt thanks also go to videographer Sav Betton for capturing these precious memories.

The night took a poignant turn when representatives from West Lea School, Jack Kelley, Independence, Business & Partnerships Manager and Paul Quinn, CEO of West Lea School, graced us with an inspiring presentation. Their words served as a powerful reminder of why we embarked on this journey and the profound impact our efforts can have.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to every single person who made this night possible. Thank you to the volunteers, donors, entertainers, online auction contributors, bidders, and all those who attended. Your unwavering support made our vision a reality and blew our fundraising target out of the water!

As we maintain our ongoing support and collaboration with our charity partners, we will ensure everyone stays informed about the remarkable initiatives they undertake and the invaluable contributions our ambassadors make in furthering these causes.

We can’t wait to see what next year holds. Together, we are Inspiring Change, one remarkable step at a time.