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I noticed a loose button on my guest's coat... Whilst they were in their meeting I sewed it back on... Read the full story here...

I noticed a loose button on my guest's coat...
Whilst they were in their meeting I sewed it back on..
Read the full story here...

Chris, Rapport Ambassador

Our individual personalities are encouraged to shine

We’re passionate about our work and don’t do this as a 9 to 5 job. We do it because we love it. But it’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it for you.

We make your guests feel special by creating unique experiences that will keep you front of mind long after they have left.

We design each of your guests’ experiences to be unique. It happens because we set aspirational standards for everything they see, touch, taste and hear. This could even be down to the unique scent we can create for your reception area.

Repairing a loose button

As I took a coat from my guest and gave them a cloakroom tag number in return,
I noticed that one of the buttons was loose.

Without saying anything, I decided to sew it back on while he was in a meeting.

Noticing it on his way home, he sent an email of thanks to the Chairman.

Recognised for our award winning service

It’s so rewarding to be praised by our peers in the hospitality industry – and we would like to share some of our achievements with you.

We’re regularly recognised by The Catey Awards, the ‘Oscars’ of the hospitality industry. Most recently we won HR Team of the Year, and have been nominated for Front of House Team of the Year three times in the past four years, winning the award twice.

We’re also proud to regularly receive recognition for outstanding service in the Wow! Awards, based on guest nominations as these are independently judged on merit.

We measure our success in many ways one of which is the number of external awards that we win each year. Another is the huge number of nominations that we receive from guests for outstanding service.



See how this recognition makes us feel


Each year all Rapport Wow! Award winners are invited to share their inspiring stories at a party in the stunning champagne bar on the top floor of Tower 42 overlooking the City of London.


Awards won by our team

Winners in
2013, 2014,

Winners in
2015, 2016,

Winners in
2014, 2015,
2016, 2017

How we create a unique guest experience



All Rapport ambassadors are coached through our award winning training, which provides us with unique skills and crucially, the empowerment to respond to your guests’ individual needs – whatever they may be.

It starts by putting them instantly at ease, with the most appropriate greeting, whatever their cultural background.

We are taught to learn something new about your guests from every interaction and use it to improve their experience. It’s all part of our continual improvement philosophy, by embracing new thinking, new technology and new ways of working.

It's amazing how this gives us the time and space to identify the precise moment when they need a little extra help, and to offer it with our compliments so they feel special. Occasionally, we may do something they don’t actually notice until later on, but that doesn’t matter. What does, is knowing we have made a difference to their day.

See why we think clients should consider working with us


Each year all Rapport Wow! Award winners are invited to share their inspiring stories at a party in the stunning champagne bar on the top floor of Tower 42 overlooking the City of London.

The freshest mint tea

One of our regular guests requested fresh mint tea from a catering colleague but was told it wasn't available that day.

Remembering that fresh mint grew on the bar terrace, I ran up to collect some. She was none-the-wiser that she was drinking home-grown fresh mint tea!


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Our training academy is the best

Rapport invests heavily in all of us through our training academy, with personal and professional development and extra qualifications throughout our careers.

It’s so rewarding to know that we’re valued and this inspires us to ever greater heights.

Learning and self-improvement are hard wired into every ambassador and we regularly connect up and learn from each other through our staff engagement portal, MyRapport, and at regular events throughout the year.



We're all engaged, empowered and excited


The great team spirit we all enjoy has enabled us to create a fantastic reputation in our market and achieve recognition as one of the best companies to work for in hospitality.

All of us try incredibly hard so you’ll feel proud to be part of our family. By joining us you’ll achieve great things. You’ll also add valuable currency to your CV, demonstrate a successful career and help build the best guest services company in our industry.

The most important measure of our success (for us) is the extraordinary length our ambassadors go to make every guest experience unique. We always look forward to our own internal awards because of the outstanding stories behind each one.

  • Be A Star Award - Nominations are by fellow ambassadors and our clients. This quarterly award recognises individuals for making an outstanding contribution. Our people compete against individuals from other businesses within Compass Group UK & Ireland.
  • Annual Service Excellence Awards – celebrating exceptional ambassador performances wherever they are in the world - with live links to different cities around the globe for the event. Winners are honoured with our highly prized lapel pins or cufflinks, as well as specially printed ‘winners’ business cards and a bottle of Rapport champagne to celebrate!

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